Best Voice Recording apps for Android

Although one doesn’t really need a voice recorder on a day-to-day basis, it does have the capacity to be really handy at times.

Things like recording lecture notes being delivered at top speed by the professor, monitoring your baby’s time with his babysitter or in a creche, keeping track of everything discussed at business meetings, playing back your performance on a musical instrument are just a few examples of situations in which a simple voice recorder can work wonders in simplifying a task. And with so many competent voice recording apps, one need only download such an app and begin away.


Let’s see our picks of the best apps available for Android on the Play Store when it comes to Voice Recording.

Voice Recorder (by Quality Apps)

This app has a sleek and sturdy interface with unlimited voice recording in .mp3 and .ogg formats. Apart from the live audio spectrum analyzer, it also features a microphone gain calibration tool. You can use this app to record in the background as well as with the screen switched off.

Download: Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder (by Recorder and Smart Apps)

This app is a feature-rich voice recorder. It allows you to store a recorded file in the phone’s internal storage or on its SD card, allows you to share the recording via multiple avenues such as email, SMS, MMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Dropbox and more, allows mp3 encoding and has a function to edit recorded files by trimming off unwanted portions of the file. You can also see the space remaining in both, your internal storage and your SD card.

Download: Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder Pro (by Splend Apps)

(Splend) Voice Recorder Pro is the notched up version of the regular Splend Voice Recorder, and you may recognize that from the similar design of the user interface. It has all the features of its predecessor, and more: changeable bitrate (from 32 kbps to 320 kbps), support for stereo and mono recording, customizable recordings’ folder, multiple audio sources (microphone and phone call).

Download: Voice Recorder Pro

Otter Voice Notes (for English, by AISense)

This is probably one of the smartest voice recording cum note-taking application currently available on the Play Store. The app is mainly targeted for business use or to be used by journalists while to record interviews; however, can also be used by students to record lectures at school/university. This is the only app in the list to let you transcribe audio — which is super useful whether you are taking notes, or are in a meeting.

Now coming to the best feature of the application which is; ‘Voiceprint‘. This super useful transcription feature automatically converts speech to text and lets you search through all your conversations or voice recordings as well. We definitely suggest trying out Otter Voice Notes to make your life a tad bit easier. The free version of the app lets users record up to 600 minutes per month which is just great and should suffice for most individuals.

Download: Otter Voice Notes (for English)

Voice Recorder (by Green Apple Studio)

This app has a distinct interface reminiscent of music-recording studios. It stores recordings as voice memos for easy distribution and uses a sample rate of 8- 41.1 KHz for optimal quality recordings. It also features a live audio spectrum analyzer.

Download: Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder (by Digipom)

Easy Voice Recorder

With an absolutely marvelous interface and a flawless performance, Easy Voice Recorder is a Google Editors’ Choice app. It has a host of features, such as recording in PCM and MP4 formats, or AMR if you wish to save space and Android Wear support.

Download: Easy Voice Recorder


Smart Recorder (by SmartMob)

The most popular voice recording app in the Android market currently. It has unlimited voice recording capacity and a simplistic interface. It also features the option to skip relative silences amidst a recording session, suitable for recording sleep time noises.

Download: Smart Recorder

Voice Recorder

Voice recorder is an easy to use audio recording app that enables you to record high-quality videos with time limitation. With voice recorder, you can make use of background voice-recording feature, customize your recording or use it as a ringtone, alarm tone or as a notification sound. Also, the option to select multiple formats is quite likable.

Download: Voice Recorder

Voice recorder

Pick this app if you need a sound recorder for multiple purposes such as speech recording, sound recording, song recording or lecture recording. Being a voice recorder, this one can also be used for music recording due to its ability to deliver clear sound quality. You may not like the app if you have a strong disliking for free apps with ads. Although, the ads are non-intrusive and don’t impact the overall user experience.

Download: Voice recorder

voice recorder

Voice recorder is capable of recording almost every sound and voice you can think of recording. Unlike many other recording apps, this one comes with editing tools that enable you to cut and join recording sounds. The app supports two major sound formats and effectively manage your audio recordings on the list screen. You can even record interviews and transcribe it into text later.

Download: Voice recorder

As you may have guessed, technology now has answers to (almost) every surmisable human problem.

Which app did you go ahead with finally? What do you use Voice Recording apps for? Tell us in the comments section below.