35 Plus Best Android Apps for Entertainment

In our quest to provide our readers with cool, interesting and useful android apps, we’ve been covering new apps and games for quite a lot time. But this time, taking a diversion from what’s new and hot, we seek out the best out there in the android market.

But stuffing all the best apps in one article would be like crowding around 300 plus apps on a single web page — which is obviously not cool from both writing and reading point of view. So, we’ve broken down the collection into several articles dedicated to best android apps, each covering a particular category as seen in the android market. This article, for instance, digs up the best apps from the entertainment territory. As for the count, total of 36 FREE apps.

Here you go.

1. Movies (FREE)

Android Movies

This one really kicks off this massive list of apps very well. It’s quite a feature packed app that lets you get info on showtimes of the top box office movies and local theaters, surf 65K DVD, view 15K trailers, reviews from rotten tomatoes and manage your Netflix account too, obviously. It’s a must have android app for movie fanatics.

Mobile Download Link

Movies Download

2. PhotoFunia (FREE)

Android PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia is a creative app that lets you play with images the way you like. Select a photo to get its sketch, make a wallpaper paint of it, put it behind the fence, or anything. Just surf through the choices you’ve there and you will be excited to try out each one. Really. It goes online to do the work, so it desperately needs internet connection. BTW, do check out photofunia.com to get the real idea behind the app.

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PhotoFunia Download

3. Guitar : Solo Lite (£2.50, Free)

Android Guitar Solo Lite

Well this one is for our guitarists readers, and others alike. While guitarist will love to play with this app — trying new ideas anytime anywhere on their mobile — others too will enjoy the variety of guitars and the chords available. We didn’t find the free version that cool, but the paid version is fully worth. Back to app’s functions, it wisely pinpoints where you gotta tap your finger to play the music. It’s also integrated with http://www.ultimate-guitar.com, so playing fav song on the app is quite an easy task. Plus, it can also search music songs on you phone’s storage so that you can play guitar along with the song itself. Cool!

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Guitar Solo Lite Download

4.  Caller ID Faker / Bluff My Call (FREE)

Android Caller ID Faker

Both the apps are similar in what they do but while Caller ID Faker is meant for US and Canada users only, Bluff My Call covers the rest of the countries supported. Application lets you fake your caller ID, change voice, record calls, etc. Only 2 minutes are available per call unless you purchase minutes.

Mobile Download Link

Caller ID Faker Download

5. Zedge (FREE)

Android Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers

It’s very much possible that you’re already using this app, since it’s the best out there to download wallpapers and ring tones. It comes straight from the zedge.com itself which got awesome collection in their store. The app’s easy to use and obviously a must-have if you have a penchant for wallpapers and ring tones.

Mobile Download Link

Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers Download

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