35 Plus Best Android Apps for Entertainment

11. The Schwartzs Unsheathed (FREE)

Android The Schwartz Unsheathed

Whoa, ready for some serious action? Turn your phone into a Schwartzsabre. To make the battle weapon suited to you, customize the sensitivity, blade color and the music volume.  Now, touch the sabre’s handle once to engage in battle and keep slicing your enemies holding the phone. Okay….. this one suits kids only – Ruh-roh!

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The Schwartz Unsheathed Download

12. IMDB Movies & TV (FREE)

Android IMDb Movies & TV

Well, we know you guys know and love imdb.com and you’ll fell same for their official android app too — which is quite speedy and easy. There is a lot of stuff this app gets to you — find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, search TV listings, get release info of DVDs/Blu-ray, surf what’s popular and famous imdb charts like ‘top 250’, etc.

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IMDb Movies & TV Download

13. Backgrounds (FREE)

Android Backgrounds

Yeah…. let’s hit back to wallpapers. Use the Backgrounds android app to decorate your precious android screen with cool and awesome wallpapers from among 10,000 images stored in the app’s database. It’s not a wallpaper app pack, so you need internet connection, to go online to browse as many quality images (updated daily!)  as you want.

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Backgrounds Download

14. Instant Buttons (FREE)

Android Instant Buttons

Well, at the very least it can keep a child busy for as much time as it takes to play 113 funny, crazy and curious sounds from the instant buttons android app — that too is ones keep pushing the next sound one after another and you manage to create a button for each one the home screen, huh! Just create a widget button selecting a sound from the app – the push a button will play the sound instantly, that’s the idea behind this app to, um, keep little wonders busy and for some classroom fun.

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Instant Buttons Download

15. Bogr (FREE)

Android Bogr

Surf the funniest sites on the big WWW with the help of Bogr android app — which promises to deliver all the fun from sites like QDB(bash.org), bash.org.ru, killmepls.ru, ithappens.ru, zadolba.li, det.org.ru, nya.sh and more. Export your favorites to SD card, just in case. Russians only!

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Bogr Download

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  1. Thanks for mentioning FartDroid! I’m glad you like it!

    1. You’re welcome dev 🙂

  2. Thanks for mentioning FartDroid! I’m glad you like it!

    1. You’re welcome dev 🙂

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