35 Plus Best Android Apps for Entertainment

26. FartDroid (FREE)

Android FartDroid

Select a sound, push a button and the phone will play a fart sound — this is the whole idea of the FartDroid android app. Hand over your phone to your kid with this app open, and he’ll be busy all day playing and laughing with this app. Good for classroom fun too.

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FartDroid Download

27. 8500+ Drink Recipes (FREE)

Android 8500+ Drink Recipes

Well, the name of the app got it all. Get to know what bartenders are mixing into your glass of each drink you order with the 8500 plus drink recipes android app. Browse through the huge drinks list with the help of categories or simply check out what your fav ingredients got in offer for you. Mark drinks you’d like to try as favorites, for easy revisiting.

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8,500+ Drink Recipes Download

28. Steamy Window (Free), Steamy Pro €0.99)

Android Steamy Window

Open the Steamy Window android app and just blow air into your phone’s microphone to throw the steam all over the screen. Watch the screen  droplets or write anything you like just like you do on the foggy car window. Total Fun. The pro version, Steamy Pro comes packed with more types of screen covers like sand, fog, frost, etc and also shows live camera preview.

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Steamy Window Download

29. G4 (FREE)

Android G4

G4 android app brings the latest gaming news, insider game reviews (with ratings), cheats, videos (hell awesome!) and other stuff from the G4 shows. If you’re a G4 regular, this is one cool app for you.

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G4 Download

30. TV Guide Mobile (FREE)

Android TV Guide Mobile

Discover on the Go what time your fav show is gonna play with the official TV Guide Mobile application on android. Apart from show listings, brace yourself with the latest news, scoops, episode recaps and daily TV hot list from the TVguide.com.

Mobile Download Link

TV Guide Mobile Download

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  1. Thanks for mentioning FartDroid! I’m glad you like it!

    1. You’re welcome dev 🙂

  2. Thanks for mentioning FartDroid! I’m glad you like it!

    1. You’re welcome dev 🙂

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