35 Plus Best Android Apps for Entertainment

6. EPIC Fails (FREE)

Android Epic Fails

This article would lose its shine if we don’t mention the Epic Fails android app here. With around 2000+ fail images to view and laugh upon, this app is surely your best companion, if you’re feeling bore at office or home or, anywhere. You just need an internet connection, and fun is on.

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Epic Fails Download

7. TMZ News (FREE)

Android TMZ

Well, Warner Bros is here to keep you fully entertained with their official TMZ android app. The app is free, awesome and your best source for Hollywood news, gossips, who’s who and other tmz.com stuff like photos and videos. With entertainment updates pouring in all day, there is now way you’ll get bored, again.

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TMZ Download

8. Ringtones (FREE)

Android Ringtones

Search ringtones of your fav songs from the millions available for free. Set the downloaded tones as call or notification alerts or assign to selected contacts directly from the app. Now, finding the craziest tones for the craziest persons in you phonebook is quite easy.

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Ringtones Download

9. Talking Tom Cat (€0.79, Free)

Android Talking Tom Cat Free

Well it’s not a game but this app offers you a lot to play time. Tom is your cat and you can pet or poke him, or play with his tail. He responds to your finger touch and that’s really gathers fun. Feed him some milk if you’ve annoyed him too much, for he’ll be very happy. Record your play time within the app and share it on Facebook and Youtube. Difference between paid and free version is that with the former, ads are removed, tom can now fart and you get more food options to feed him — cymbals, cake, etc.

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Talking Tom Cat Free Download

10. C:Geo ~ Geocaching for Android (FREE)

Android cgeo - geocaching for Android

Not the official app from the geocaching.com, but C:Geo is still an awesome app that will assist you a lot in playing geocaching. It allows you to search for the caches in live map mode as also using different criteria. You can save items in your device. US only!

Mobile Download Link

cgeo - geocaching for Android Download

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  1. Thanks for mentioning FartDroid! I’m glad you like it!

    1. You’re welcome dev 🙂

  2. Thanks for mentioning FartDroid! I’m glad you like it!

    1. You’re welcome dev 🙂

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