AR Core support added to Honor 10, Nova 3i/3, LG Q6, Q8, Asus ROG Phone, and Acer Chromebook Tab 10

Galaxy S7 ARCore

Google ARCore, a platform meant for AR apps on Android, has been around for a while now and is already supported on a good number of devices, including those using iOS. In the latest update, even more devices have been added to the list of supported handsets and we expect this list to grow even bigger considering that ARCore doesn’t need any specialized hardware to work.

Several weeks ago, ARCore 1.3 APK revealed that the Honor 10 would be among the next devices to support this platform and indeed, Google has just updated the official list of supported devices to include not only the Honor 10 but also other devices that include the Nova 3 and Nova 3i, LG Q8 and LG Q6, Asus ROG Phone and Acer Chromebook Tab 10.

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The updated version of ARCore can be downloaded onto these devices via the Google Play Store and if by now you still have no idea of what this technology does, well, you better see for yourself via the YouTube video below.

Introducing ARCore
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