App ratings in the Play Store will count on recent scores too

Google is ensuring a new method of quality control with apps available on the Play Store wherein the rating of the app won’t be its simple all-time average but will be influenced by recent ratings given to the app to better reflect the current mood, which may be affected greatly by recent updates to the app. In fact, this major development was announced in the ongoing I/O 2019 developers conference.

So don’t be surprised when you notice changes in the Play Store ratings of the apps and games.

For a very long time now, App developers have been responsible for managing their individual app reviews and customer issues. In fact, apps have been around for many years now and many of them are still being updated.

It has made user reviews a tricky business because apps with overwhelmingly positive reviews need not be at their best version in 2019. Similarly, certain apps have improved over time, however, the bad reviews from the past are putting a serious damper on their current performance.

Google is being very discreet about the weighting, but developers can log into the developer console to preview their new score now. As part of this change, reviews which have to be addressed will be highlighted by Google. Replying to negative reviews causes users to add an average of 0.7 stars to their reviews, says Google.

You can expect to see the revamped review scores on the Play Store by August.

Via: Android Police

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