AOSP Jelly Bean Android 4.1 Port Starts for Xperia Arc. Will It Be First Single-Core Device To Run JB?

It’s a busy and active time in the Android development community thanks to the Jelly Bean Android 4.1 source code being released by Google, as developers work on getting Jelly Bean out to more and more devices as soon as possible without having to wait for official manufacturer updates and also to get it working on older devices that will never get an official update.

Work on an AOSP Jelly Bean Android 4.1 port has started on the original Sony Xperia Arc, by XDA forum member azam426 who has successfully compiled a Jelly Bean ROM for the device from sources and already managed to make it boot up. As is always the case, the ROM doesn’t have many things working and is more of a preview build than a usable one. According to azam426, there is a “display contrast, network and wi-fi issue” in the ROM, with possibly even more stuff that does not work properly.

A beta version for testing is currently in the process of being uploaded so that interested parties can take Jelly Bean for a spin on their Xperia Arc. Head over to the official development page on XDA to get more details on it and to download the beta if you decide to try it out.

Let’s hope a stable and working version of Jelly Bean is out soon for the Arc, and maybe make it the first single-core device to get a stable Jelly Bean build. Your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.


  1. well, nexus s has a pretty much working SDK port of JB and is a single core phone

    1. Oh yes, very true. Actually, somehow, Nexus doesn’t look like belonging in that league of single-core phones entirely looking not capable of getting updates… Nexus rocks.

  2. it is out for desire HD since 2 days so it is the first device


  4. lol, this is port for xperia pro, not arc..

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