Android Pie update for Redmi 6 Pro enters internal testing stage

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro update

Xiaomi has always taken its own sweet time to release Android OS updates to its phones. There is more than one reason for that, chief amongst them being Xiaomi’s concerted effort to bring all major changes via its own MIUI updates.

Also, working to bring both the Android and MIUI updates for each phone whilst keeping their layers and line-of-action entirely disentangled from one another must also be a tedious task to perform. Lots of resources are also required to realize this.

Nonetheless, most Xiaomi phones have eventually received their share of Android-flavored treats. Last year, the company rolled out Android 9 Pie update for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. This year, it aims to roll out Pie for Xiaomi Mi 6X, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5/Pro, the Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro and the Xiaomi Redmi S2, otherwise known as Redmi Y2.

Judging by the data released by Xiaomi a few days ago, it seems to be making good progress, at least for Redmi 6 Pro. Its Android Pie update has entered the internal testing stage. This means that there is only one major stage left between the current one and its stable version – public beta testing.

Though, sadly, the exact date for the final rollout can never be ascertained beforehand, as beta testing can stretch to anything from a few weeks to many, depending on how many bugs and issues crop up. Still, we expect that the global public beta will be ready by the end of February 2019.