Android 9 Pie for Galaxy Note 8 to release soon in the U.S., beta program closed

Galaxy Note 8 end of Pie beta in US

Samsung is preparing to release the stable Android 9 Pie update to U.S. users of the Galaxy Note 8. The company has started sending notifications ending the beta program, which basically confirms that the rollout is imminent.

Not long ago, we also saw a similar notification pushed to the U.S. unlocked Galaxy Note 9, but we are yet to come across any reports about the rollout. That said, we may have to wait for several days before the Galaxy Note 8 actually begins receiving the OTA download notification.

Just so you know, Europe, Asia, and basically all markets that use the Note 8 variant with model number SM-N950F have received the update to Pie, but as usual, the U.S. market takes longer due to carrier-related delays.

Android Pie is the second and (possibly) last major Android OS update for the Note 8, which is a shame considering how powerful this device still is nearly two years down the line. If anything, it’s about time Samsung joined Google and starts rolling out at least three major OS updates to its flagship phones.

Smaller companies like OnePlus are doing it, so why shouldn’t a company with resources like Samsung’s also do it? Cmon Samsung, you can do better!


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  1. Why update their phones more than twice when they come out with new flagships every year that they want to sell? If my note 8 got android Q when it comes out I wouldn’t upgrade my phone at all

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