Android Pie beta leaks out for LG V30

LG V30 Pie

LG hasn’t been the most reliable when it comes to providing timely updates. But thankfully, when the updates do roll out, they tend to be very well worked out and bug-free.

As per XDA Developers, an early Android Pie beta has leaked for the LG V30, bringing all of Android 9’s goodness to the 2017 smartphone.

Back in April, it was reported that the three big V-series devices β€” V30, V35, and V40 β€” would get the update in the next three months.

While an official release date still hasn’t been announced, the leaked beta proves that the update is pretty much around the corner.

The full firmware isn’t available at the moment, and you’d need to install the Pie beta as an OTA update. So, make sure to install LGUP_Common_DLL_Ver_1_0_28_5.msi before running the update to avoid unnecessary and fatal error messages.

The beta is reported to be working for these V30 models: H933, H930DS, H930G, H930D, H930, V300L, V300S, and V300K.

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