Android getting the Facebook App it deserves shortly, already under final testing

If you’ve used the Android Facebook app, chances are you’ve ended up being frustrated at some point or the other.  Sure, the app has seen regular updates which have brought about some improvements, but it still has a long way to go as compared to the native iOS app found on Apple devices.

One of the main reasons for all the issues surrounding the existing Facebook Android app, is that it was built of HTML5, and performance oscillated between lousy to so-so, depending on which device you were running it on. Clearly, a native Android App, which would work seamlessly irrespective of the device, was and is the need of the hour.

A tip received from a Facebook insider, by Engadget seems to indicate that the wait for a native Android Facebook app is coming to a sweet end very soon. It is supposedly in the final testing phase, but no details on an estimated release date is known, for now. Given the growing popularity and adoption of Android based smartphones across the globe, it appears that Facebook does not want to take any chances with its first native app for Android.

Well, we’ve all waited for so long, so may as well go all the way. All we want is a seamless app that works the way it should, without feeling the need to resort to other 3rd party apps to access our favorite social network.

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