Some Android 10 users are reporting problem in switching from eSIM to physical SIM

The arrival of Android 10 has created ripples among the some of the users who are facing problems with frequently used features. We have seen users report issues with sensors, pop-up notifications, Pixel users across the globe have taken a hit with various sensor issues which we talked about in detail over here.

Now, a new problem with Android 10 has surfaced, as some users are unable to switch from eSIM to physical SIM card easily. The concern was raised through Google’s issue tracker by a user just a few days ago and has been upvoted by a handful of users already.

What’s worse is that a proper fix is available for the problem. However, upon contacting Google Fi support, a user was asked to manually switch the SIM to avoid the situation at the moment.

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How to solve the eSIM issue on Android 10

To do that, simply open your dialer app and type *#*#794824746#*#* to enable the screen from where you can switch the SIM manually. Even though not a fix you were hoping for, it is a nice workaround until Google can address this problem with a software update.

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  1. Thank you this fixed my problem of not being able to switch from an esim back to a physical sim card after upgrading to Android 10

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