4 Ways to Check Calculator History on iPhone

Calculators have always been a staple of modern-day devices be it a PC or mobile phone. iPhones have had a long-standing calculator app that comes with tons of features including the ability to access a scientific calculator.

Calculator history is another much-requested feature that allows you to easily view and track your past calculations. But if you’ve used the iPhone calculator app then you might have noticed that there’s no clear way to access your history.

So how do you view your calculator history on iPhones? Let’s find out!

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Can you check the calculator history on an iPhone by default?

No, the iPhone calculator app does not store your calculations history for privacy reasons. This means that you can not access your history on iPhones. But there are ways to circumvent this restriction and view some of your calculator history on iPhones. Use the section below to help you along with the process. 

How to check calculator history on iPhone: 4 workarounds that help

You can view the calculator history on your iPhone using the following methods. Follow either of the sections below depending on your preferences. 

Method 1: View and copy your last result

You can view and copy your last result using the app shortcut on your device. This can help you view and copy the result of your last calculation. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process. 

Unlock your device and locate the Calculator app icon in your App Library. Tap and hold on the same once found.

Tap and select Copy Last Result.

The last result will now be copied to your clipboard.

You can also use the Calculator app icon in the control center to do the same. Simply tap and hold on the icon and select Copy Last Result.

And that’s how you can copy the result for your last calculation. 

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Method 2: Using the memory function

The memory function can allow you to store results and typed numbers from your current calculation to the calculator’s memory. This can help you recall and re-use results or continue complex calculations as you would on a normal calculator.

Follow the steps below to help you use the memory function on your calculator app. 

Unlock your device, open the calculator app and calculate something as you normally would. 

Now switch your device to landscape mode and tap m+ to store the current result to the calculator memory. 

Continue with your calculations as usual and use mr to recall the number stored in the memory. 

You also have access to the following memory functions to help you make the most of your results. 

  • mr: Memory Recall

Use this function to recall the result or number currently stored in the calculator memory. 

  • mc: Memory Clear

Use this function to delete and remove numbers stored in the calculator memory.

  • m+: Memory Add

This option will allow you to add the current number on your screen to the number stored in the calculator memory. For example, if you have 2 on your screen and 5 stored in the calculator memory, then the next time you use the mr function, 7 will be added to your screen. 

  • m-: Memory Subtract

This function will allow you to subtract the current number on your screen from the one in your calculator’s memory. For example, if 7 is the number stored in your calculator memory and 5 is on your screen, then the next time you use mr, 2 will be displayed on your screen.

And that’s how you can use the memory function in the iOS calculator app.

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Method 3: Using third-party apps

Third-party calculator apps are a great way to access your calculator history on iPhones. While the native app does not offer a way to view or store your history, many third-party alternatives allow you to do so while offering many additional features.

We recommend you use the guide below to help you use a third-party app to view your calculator history on an iPhone. Let’s get started.

We recommend using Calculator+ as it has a simple UI without ads. It also has an easy way to view all your past calculations without the need for any more interactions.

Download and launch the app on your iPhone and carry out calculations as usual. You should be able to view your history at the top of your current calculations. You can swipe and scroll your past calculations to view your entire history. 

You can also tap and hold on a past calculation to edit your history. 

Third-party Calculator app alternatives

Here are some more Calculator apps that allow you to store your history on iPhones.

This can help you find a more suitable app depending on your current needs and requirements. 

Method 4: Using the Screen recorder

Another way to save and recall all your past calculations is to simply screen record while calculating on your iPhone. You can then view the screen recording later on whenever you need to access your past calculations.

This is a great alternative if you’re looking to back up and store your calculations for later reference. Access your Control Center and then tap the Screen Recording icon to initiate a screen recording on your iPhone. 

Once the recording starts after 3s, continue with your calculations in the Calculator app as usual. 

When you’re done, tap the screen recording bar at the top to stop your recording.

Tap Stop to confirm your choice. 

You can now go to the Photos app and view the screen recording whenever you need to view your past calculations.

We hope this post helped you find ways to view your calculator history on an iPhone. If you face any issues or have more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.


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