30 Upcoming Android games listed by Gamevil

Gamevil, the developer who gave us the Zenonia franchise and Baseball Superstar games, has just announced a huge list of 30 new game titles that are on their way to us soon. Gamevil will be attending G-Star 2012 which is a Gaming conference held in Korea, and I’m sure these games will be showcased there. A few of the major titles time around include Zenonia 5, Baseball Superstars 2013, and Train City.

Here’s the full list of new games coming from Gamevil:

  1. Baseball Superstars 2013
  2. Pimp My Guy
  3. Grape Valley
  4. Nine Worlds
  5. Last War
  6. Legend of Gaia
  7. Monster Warlord
  8. Bloodlust
  9. Sir Death
  10. Air Penguin
  11. Ocean Tales
  12. Two Outs Bases Loaded
  13. Eternal Kingdom
  14. ZENONIA 5
  15. Zombie Gunner
  16. Romance of Three Kingdoms
  17. Cartoon Wars Blade
  18. Cat Town
  19. Legend of Master Online
  20. Kingdom Royale
  21. Kingdom Wars
  22. Train City
  23. Punch Hero
  24. Fishing Superstars
  25. Asura Cross
  26. Soccer Superstars 2012 K League
  27. Coco Town
  28. Air Penguin (3D TV)
In addition to these, Gamevil would also be porting a couple of Facebook games over to mobile devices, to add up to the promised number of 30. 2013 sure looks like it’s going to be a smashing year for mobile gaming.