17 NEW Arcade and Action Games for your Android Device

We think we’ve discussed way too many apps so far, so it’s time we get a load of android games too which have seen some very good releases recently.

So, let’s bang your google phone with some very cool games sampled from the ‘arcade and action’ category. All these are NEW games — released within 2 weeks of the date this article was written and published, which September 28, 2010. There are 19 games, of which 6 games are paid while odd 13 games are free.

Go, have a nice loot!

1. MiniSquadron ($1.99, FREE)

MiniSquadron real arcade games

Well, this one is surely one of the best entry the android market has seen recently. This is one real action and arcade game that’s simple to play while being addictive and full of excitement. You fly a missile loaded machine and shoot the enemies. It may sound old, but it’s so right paced with easy controls that you’d simply fall in love with this game. Even if you complete the single player mode, don’t look at it as yet another defunct paid game — since you’ve unlimited fun reserved in the super multiplayer battles that can be played locally over WiFi with friends or family.

Free version of the game is good to get the feel of the game but lacks what we like the most, WiFi multiplayer mode.

Android Market Link

MiniSquadron! download games

2. Fruit Ninja ($0.99)

Fruit Ninja arcade game

Well, if you’re looking for something cool for your kids that’s not so deep or addicting and yet very much fun and simple to play, Fruit Ninja is the game for you. Like we said, it’s not that addictive but it’s never over. Your little wonder will keep wondering what’s the better way to score the maximum and how to raise up the combo strikes. Besides, kids will also learn about various fruits while slicing them up to score.

Android Market Link

Fruit Ninja download arcade games

3. Flick Kick Field Goal ($0.99)

Flick Kick Field Goal arcade and action game

Well, yet another addictive game that you’ll never regret spending a dollar for. It’s simple to play but requires you to take care of simple factors that may prove decisive in your score. Like, you’ve to take care about the wind’s flow to be able to make a nice hit. Flick of a finger controls the power and direction of the kick, yet it’s not that easy.

Android Market Link

Flick Kick Field Goal download arcade games

4. Hungry Shark Free

Hungry Shark Free cool arcade game

The game has been in market for months but the free version was launched only recently. You gotta control the shark’s movements and feed her with food that’s directly linked to the lifeline. You can feed any food, from small fishes to swimming human beings, even break the boats to eat some of them. It’s a nice beautiful eat-them-up game. The paid version costs £2.99.

Android Market Link

Hungry Shark Free download cool game

5. Jewels Online (FREE)

Jewels Online cool game

It’s a pretty good online game that features in-game chat, in-game email and friends list. Use power-ups to install more fun into the game. The online ability of the game is the most appealing factor to us.

Android Market Link

Jewels Online download

6. Shrimpocalypse Free

Shrimpocalypse Free cool arcade game

Shrimpocalypse Lite is a crab based tower defense game that’s intense, lively and would get the best out of your reactions and speed. Made by Dinosaur Planet — in fact, the very first game of theirs — it has already created a fan base who are eagerly waiting for more games for the holiday season. The free version gets you 2 of the total 9 maps available in the paid version, costing £1.50, which is fully worth for the lovers of tower defense styled games.

Android Market Link

Shrimpocalypse Free arcade

7. Soccer Superstars™ ($4.99, FREE)

Soccer Superstars™ play games

Sure the soccer world cup is over long ago but here is your chance to win your fav team, the mighty World Cup trophy in the Soccer Superstars™ game from Gamevil Inc. Play this sports game in 5 different modes – Exhibition, My League, Season, Cup and Dramatic Mode. The company claims the endless entertainment and our experience shares similar feelings. Download game’s FREE version from the market in case you’ve any doubt about it.

Android Market Link

Soccer Superstars™ free download

8. Helix HD Lite (FREE)

HeliX HD LITE arcade games

helix HD Lite is yet another game that is based on ‘tower defense’. It calls for strategy to save your base from the unfriendlies. The game features original sound track and 10 odd levels without making your purse lighter by a penny. This makes it a great recommendation. It’s a cool game with neat graphics and support of apps2sd for Froyo users is a welcome addition.

Android Market Link

HeliX HD LITE playgames

9. Gangster Game (FREE)

Gangster Game cool arcade games

Okay, it’s time for you to become the Mafia as you do some dirty stuff like plotting murders and commit crime to gain respect in the Gangster Game on android. Make friends within the game which is in fact a ‘Live Play’ styled rather than turn based. The developer claims a larger community of gamers to make new friends. Chat is also supported.

Android Market Link

Gangster Game playgames

10. Chabu-Dai (FREE)

Chabu-Dai cool games

Enough of serious games, let’s s go back to lovely funny games, that neither call you to plot a crime or take a deep dive into the world cup or so. And for that, Chabu-Dai is the perfect choice. Chabu-Dai is actually a Japanese tea table. You play the role of Japanese old style father and need to flick to throw the table to score points. But be careful, don’t throw your android buddy instead.

Android Market Link

Chabu-Dai playgames

11. Leave Devil Alone (FREE)

Leave Devil Alone cool games

Some say it’s even better than plant vs zombies. The game may bother you sometimes with the Japanese language but it’s worth all time you put in having a hands-on of this game. If you’re looking for a cool arcade game to download, Leave Devil Alone will only make you happier.

Android Market Link

Leave Devil Alone download real arcade game

12. Ninja Splat ($0.99, FREE)

Ninja Splat android game

Splat to kill as many evil ninjas as you can to save your world. The game is cool and kids gonna love it for its ease of play and rapid fun. Free version of the game is also available for with limited number of levels, game modes and challenges. For continuing action, just reload by shaking the phone. Easy.

Android Market Link

Ninja Splat qr code

13. Pac Snake (FREE)


You love pac-man? The world loves pac-man, even Google showed their love recently. Well, mix the pac-man game style with another popular game on mobile phones, that is, Snake and what do we get, Pac Snake — an android game that borrows the game style from the two great games mentioned above. It’s very simple to play and adults and children would like it alike. Just avoid the yellow balls on the screen as you score by moving the white ball to eat the blue ones.

Android Market Link

PAC-SNAKE cool games

14. Let’s Hammer (FREE)

Let's Hammer free arcade

Let’s hammer gives you a hammer to hit hard and fast on the little heads under the helmets as they pop on your phone’s screen. Two modes are available: story mode and the survival mode. The game is packed with as many as 30 levels with 2 bosses.

Android Market Link

Let's Hammer pocket pc game

15. Mini-Warfare (FREE)

Mini-Warfare playgames

Mini-Warfare is a simple strategy based action game that requires you to plan the 4 routes for sending as many ships available. Good for those who love tactical games. It features a mission editor to save new mission on SD card.

Android Market Link

free download arcade game

16. FART for your life (FREE)

Fart For Your Life arcade games

Feed Prot food as he drives along a path with obstacles and lots of eatable. Touch the big red FART button on the screen to jump. It’s very much like Mario but a weirdo in concept. Surely, the name itself as also the visuals make it a very cool game. Make sure your kids don’t go farting all over after playing this android game.

Android Market Link

arcade games download

17. Neon Wave (€1.49)

Neon Wave arcade games

Clean out all the enemy dirt from the universe to make a path for yourself, essential for your survival. Game’s graphics are impressive with neon particles all over and it also got online ranking to compare yourself with world leaders and friends.

Android Market Link

Neon Wave play arcade games

That was a bunch of best cool arcade games we dug for you. In case you wanna have a look at some cool apps, check out the apps collection we got.

Let us know in comments what do you think about these games and do mention you fav games.

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  1. “Straight from one of our favorite game makers – Gamevils”

    Curious 🙂 Shimpocalypse was 100% Dinosaur Planet, thanks for the mention in the list though!

    1. Thanks for the swift correction! 🙂

    2. Phew! I can only hope you’re not angry 🙂

      BTW, great game, let us know if you got any plans for the holiday season.

  2. “Straight from one of our favorite game makers – Gamevils”

    Curious 🙂 Shimpocalypse was 100% Dinosaur Planet, thanks for the mention in the list though!

    1. Thanks for the swift correction! 🙂

      1. Phew! I can only hope you’re not angry 🙂

        BTW, great game, let us know if you got any plans for the holiday season.

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  4. Just to say hello, great site, I like reading your stuff.

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  6. This place is awesome, I like what you’re doing here. Keep them coming.

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