You can completely remap the Galaxy Note 9 Bixby button with root access

Despite the poor reception, Samsung keeps pushing on with its digital assistant, Bixby, and on the Galaxy Note 9, the assistant has a dedicated button for calling it into action.

It’s a cool and perhaps convenient way of summoning the assistant in public, but since most Android users already prefer Google Assistant or simply having none, they’d prefer to either disable the button or maybe reassign functions. The former is not possible, but the latter is already happening.

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An XDA developer has come up with a nifty trick that lets you completely remap the Galaxy Note 9 Bixby button with root access, meaning you are fully unleashing the power of this thing. There are plenty of functions you can assign, among them navigation, media and general system controls, input gesture, fast scroll and so much more.

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To get more of what you get and how you can get it on your Galaxy Note 9, check this XDA link, but be sure that you really know what you are getting into.

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