Xperia XZ Nougat update: May security patch arrives as build 41.2.A.0.235

Update [May 10, 2017]: Firmware version 41.2.A.0.235 is now being seeded to the Xperia XZ as an OTA update. The update mainly delivers the May security patch to both single SIM (G8231) and dual SIM (G8231) variants of the Xperia XZ. It also includes various performance enhancements and bug fixes. Since the update weighs about 100MB, it is better to download over WiFi so as not to incur additional data charges.

Update [April 25, 2017]: Sony is beginning to seed a new update going by build number 41.2.A.2.199. This OTA update finally makes the bump to Android 7.1.1 Nougat for the Xperia XZ. In addition to that this build also applies the April security patch along with other bug fixes and stability enhancements. If you haven’t already received the update you may need to wait as the OTA update is being phased out over a week or two.

Update [December 01, 2016]: Sony has begun rollout of the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the Xperia XZ, which was destined to become one of the first few devices to get the 7.0 Nougat OTA form the company. Today, Sony released the statement announcing the Nougat OTA roll out, for both the Xperia XZ and X Performance, which already started receiving the 7.0 OTA for some users yesterday.

Update [November 22, 2016]: Sony is also installing some new features into its Nougat update, like a ‘Change font’ option under the display settings. This is a welcome addition from Sony, as Samsung and other OEMs have had this for a long time now. Ever wondered why the OTA update screenshots we had for Samsung sets had different fonts while that for Sony has same ones. This is the reason, Samsung got you this feature even since it adopted Android, and users do totally love this. Glad Sony heard its users. The screenshot below comes from an Xperia XZ running Nougat beta update.


Update [November 03, 2016]: Sony yesterday started distributing the Nougat OTA under its beta program, which means Android 7.0 is available as test build for selected users, who successfully rolled into the beta program. The rollout started for the X Performance yesterday as build 39.2.A.0.248. Well, even though if you were not into the beta program as it was really confined to some users only, this is still great news, because we can expect Sony to come out with the full and final release of Nougat update for the Xperia XZ by November end now.

Once Sony has gathered sufficient feedback from the beta builds, and has worked upon it by ironing out the bugs and issues it finds, it should be able to release the Xperia XZ Nougat update for users worldwide. And same goes for the X performance users, which is also in line to receive the Nougat update before other Sony sets, like the Xperia XZ.

Update [September 26, 2016]: A new leak reveals the release date Sony is targeting for the Xperia XZ, and you will be glad to know that it’s set for next month, October, along with the X Performance. Read more about other device here.


Update [September 25, 2016]: Sony is inviting the Xperia X Performance owners to test the pre-release build of its Android 7.0 Nougat update, which means the update is near ready from Sony.

We expect the company to release the Nougat update within a month now, after Sony is done distributing the pre-release Nougat build to testers, get feedback, quash bugs found if any, and prepare the final build. This is good news for Xperia XZ users too, as one the rollout begins for Xperia X Performance, they are next in line to receive the Android 7.0 update.


Recently Sony unveiled the Xperia XZ as its another blockbuster offering, centering around camera experience as the selling point while also housing some of the best specs available. No doubt, people will buy into it, but may also wonder whether and when Sony will bring the Android Nougat update to its Xperia XZ.

Being Sony’s best offering at the moment, and released even after Android Nougat itself, the Xperia XZ for definite will get the Android 7.0 Nougat update. It will even get the Android O update, for sure, as Sony is good at providing updates for its popular device for up to two years.

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Xperia XZ Nougat: Will it arrive?

Yes, it will, for sure. And it will also run it pretty smoothly unless Sony screws up with customization.

The Android 7.0 Nougat update comes with even more refined Doze mode, and improved Settings app. The Android system is more stable now, and the games on Nougat would be remarkably cool on graphics side because of Vulkan UI. You also get multi-window support and ability to adjust quick settings tile in notification drawer. There are host of other features part of the update too.

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Xperia XZ Nougat: When will it release?

Expected release date: January 2017.

Not soon. Sony isn’t the fastest to release major Android OS updates in a timely fashion. You could see a wait up to January 2017, though even that’s not an official date because Sony remained silent on this when it released the Nougat roadmap earlier on.

It’s not a given whether the Xperia XZ will be the first Sony device to run Android 7.0 Nougat update. As, it could be either of Xperia X, XA and XA Performance too.

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We’re expecting Samsung to release the Galaxy S7 Nougat update this month (September 2016), and same for LG for its G5.

Xperia XZ CM14, FXP and other AOSP ROMs

Sony devices have been supported well by AOSP ROMs for years, and we don’t see that changing with Xperia XZ either. The XZ should be received its CyanogenMod 14 ROM, and also the popular FXP ROM for Xperia devices, among other AOSP based ROMs.

You could see these ROMs in good working condition appear before December comes to end, but know that these are so-called unofficial updates, installing which will get you to void your device’s warranty because you will need to unlock bootloader first.

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