Get Android O destined Navbar Tuner for Nougat now (Nexus 6P, 5X and 6)

It’s amazing what developers can unearth from the layers of code forming part of the full firmware package. Look at the developer AL_IRAQI for instance —  the guy was able to bring to light the hidden jewel of a feature, the Navbar Tuner. This is besides another little hack we shared with you guys earlier, the Night Mode enabler.

With Navbar Tuner mod, you get the ability to change the buttons on the Navigation Bar. You can add or replace the buttons, as per your will. With the spacer button, you get to assign any key form the keyboard, and can even place the menu/keyboard switcher as a button.

The possibilities with this are clearly endless.

If Google decides to implement it, which it can possibly beginning with Android O, then this could easily be one of the highlight features of Android O.

Yes, the Maintenance Release is coming up, and it could be either of Android 7.1 or Android 7.0.1, but that’s very less like to feature Navbar Tuner, even though it’s well-known that it’s been under development for long now, and was around in the pure code form when Developer Previews were rolling for Nougat.

Download Navbar Tuner

If you own a Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X or Nexus 6, and have Android Nougat installed, then you can give the Navbar Tuner a try now. Not all things work, but it should get you a fair idea of what massive impact this thing could make on your device, and how cool customizing it would be.

Get the flashable ZIP files for those three devices here:

You would need TWRP recovery installed, using which you can install these ZIP files to get the Navbar tuner.

Also, you should check out the official development page too, where new versions of the mod could appear over the time too. And don’t forget to say thanks to developer.

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  1. The file names are mixed up. 6P and 5X are switched.

    1. Corrected. Thanks!

  2. The file names are mixed up. 6P and 5X are switched.

    1. Corrected. Thanks!

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