Xperia U Android 4.0 ICS Update is out for Canada!

After rolling out the upgrade to Android 4.0 in Europe and Asia a month ago, Sony has now started rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich to Xperia U users in Canada. If you are an Xperia U user and have been waiting eagerly for this day, hook up your device to your PC, fire up PC Companion, and get the sweetness of Ice Cream Sandwich on your phone.

It seems likely that this could be the end of the road for the Xperia U as far as desserts go, if we were to go by Sony’s Jelly Bean update plan which is expected to roll out in Q1 2013. The Xperia U is not mentioned in the list of devices confirmed by Sony. However, there still seems to be some hope as Sony evaluates potential upgrades for the Xperia U Smartphone. Sony has stated that they would come back with more information on possibilities for the Xperia U.

Perhaps a value pack, like Samsung did for the original Galaxy S I9000 might be in order. Till then, go ahead and update your Xperia U, and give it a taste of some Ice Cream Sandwich.