Jelly Bean Update plan for Sony Xperia S, TX, Xperia S, etc detailed by Sony. Too bad it will take 2013 to start!

Sony has finally come out with an official announcement about the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update plans for their devices. Xperia smartphones released in 2012, including the Xperia S, acro S, ion, P, go, J, T, TX, and the upcoming Xperia V, will be getting the revered update to Android 4.1.

The bad news is that the updates will start rolling out in mid-Q1 next year for the Xperia T, TX, and V, while other devices in the list will have their update schedules announced later, which unofficially means that it will take quite a long time for them to be updated, but hey, at least Sony has the gall to promise updates for so many smartphones, and judging by their ICS update record, we can rest assured that updates will come sooner or later.

As for owners of Xperia devices released in 2011, they won’t be getting to see an update to Android 4.1, after “thorough evaluation” by Sony showed that they won’t be able to provide the user experience customers expect, though support will continue with maintenance firmware updates.

So what do you guys think? Already ruing the long wait till 2013?