Xiaomi Redmi 5A is now receiving MIUI 10.1.1 stable in China

Xiaomi Redmi 5A is one of the popular budget phones that got the nod to join MIUI 10 beta early on and months later, the stable version of this software is now rolling out in China.

The Redmi 5A is receiving an MIUI 10.1.1 update that brings all the glory of the full-screen gestures to the phone alongside plenty of other goodies. The update also improves the security of the device and fixes various bugs, but to remind you again, this one is targeting the Chinese market or rather users of the China ROM.

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For those using the global version of MIUI, the fact that the stable version is now available in China implies that it won’t be long before a similar version comes your way. After all, the Redmi 5A got the MIUI 10 beta in China ahead of other global markets. You can always grab the stable version below, but be sure you know what this means, otherwise, check out this page for more on the same.

Download MIUI 10.1.1 for Redmi 5A [China ROM]

As regards the update to Android Oreo, we can’t really tell. Still, we won’t be surprised if the device joins the Redmi 5 and Mi 5S in the current Oreo beta program later this month or maybe somewhere in December 2018.

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