Xiaomi Mi Mix and Mi 5 being tested for Android 8.0 Oreo

Fondly known as the “Apple of China”, Xiaomi maintains a decent reputation when it comes to delivering long-term updates. In times where even the flagship devices are left high and dry, the Redmi 1S from 2012 just received the MIUI 9.2 ROM update. However, when it comes to delivering major Android updates, Xiaomi is known to take its sweet time.

While we yet await a stable Android 8.0 release from Xiaomi, the Chinese tech company does have the beta program rolling out for the flagship Mi 6 and Mi Mix 2. But it seems like Xiaomi has not forgotten about the older flagship, the Mi 5 and the bezel-less Mi Mix users just yet.

According to a report from XDA developers, Xiaomi is hard at work with the Android Oreo update for the two older premium flagship devices. This is based on the firmware files obtained by Funky Huawei Club, a website that offers services for Huawei-branded mobile phones.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Oreo update release date

Considering that the public beta testing of Android 8.0 for the current flagships is ongoing, it’s almost certain that the same for the older Mi Mix and Mi 5 should follow suit. Traditionally, Android flagship devices are entitled to two major software updates in their lifetime.

Based on this, we can speculate that the Oreo update for the Mi 5 and Mi Mix is almost guaranteed, as both devices were shipped out with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The software update will most likely be baked into MIUI 9, which the company has already announced for 40 devices in total.

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