Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 may feature a display with integrated fingerprint module

The level of influence Xiaomi has in the Asian markets is purely astonishing. Although the company’s largest customer base lies in India and China, Xiaomi, like any other smartphone company, has to expand its market and reach, if it wishes to excel in the long run and while devices like the Redmi 4X will satiate the average buyer, techies will always demand more from a company that certainly has the means to do so.

The Mi Mix 2 may very well be Xiaomi’s answer to its critics who believe Xiaomi to be a Chinese company incapable to strike a chord in the western markets. While the Mi Mix 2 has various rumors circulating, foremost among them is a body-screen ratio greater than 91.3% which sounds ludicrous in all honesty, there seem to be reports circulating, hinting at the possible inclusion of an integrated fingerprint module in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

A post on the popular micro-blogging site Weibo reports that a new in-display fingerprint technology, unveiled by Goodix at MWC 2017, which removes the need for a fingerprint sensor button or a rear-mounted sensor by integrating it into the screen will find its implementation on the iPhone 8. But a domestic Chinese phone manufacturer (read Xiaomi) would use the technology first.

The images attached to the specified post show the device being unlocked by placing the finger at the screen. Whether the sensor will work only at a targeted portion or will be available for the whole screen is yet to be known. While we understand that the post is a bit of a reach, we’re heading for interesting times ahead with new features being implemented by the device manufacturers every day.

via Weibo