Xiaomi’s launches its latest fitness tracker, the Mi Band 3 in India

Xiaomi today announced that its latest fitness tracker, the Mi Band 3 is coming to India. The wearable follows the previous-gen Mi Band 2 which launched in the country last year.

Like its predecessor, the Mi Band 3 features an OLED display, although this time it’s touchscreen and is a tad larger. According to Xiaomi this is to improve the overall experience of viewing messages and answering calls.

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But the Mi Band 3 is a fitness tracker first and foremost. With this in mind, the wearable has been packed with a lot of sensors that can do things like monitor heart rate, count steps, track calorie intake and monitor sleep patterns.

The wearable can also be used for tracking your physical activities. It offers four profiles for running, treadmill running, walking and cycling.

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On top of that, you get call notifications, notifications from five different apps, as well as a 5-day weather forecast. It also packs a nifty “Find my phone” option and should be able to last up to 20 days on a single charge.

Pricing and availability

True, the Mi Band 3 is no smartwatch, so you won’t be able to install apps on it or anything like that. Even so, the Mi Band 3 packs enough features to make it an intriguing little piece of technology. Especially since it’s going to be sold for a meager Rs. 1,999 (approx. $28). The wearable will go on sale on September 28 (tomorrow) at 12 noon on Mi.com and Amazon.in.

Source: Mi.com