Xiaomi Mi A1 users! This may fix slow motion recording in Google Camera app

The first Android One affiliated phone from Xiaomi from 2017 is a success in terms of user acceptance, and already running Android 8.0. One of the prime selling features of the Mi A1 has been its dual camera setup, but some users are reporting issues with the Google Camera app.

It seems that the slow-motion mode in the Camera app causes it to crash, so you’re basically restricted from using the feature completely. While Google figures out the issue, a user known as sipollo over at XDA Forums has shared an idea to fix the slow motion recording.

There are two specific Magisk Modules that help you get past this problem, but you’ll need the Magisk Installer up and running first. Of course, your Mi A1 needs to be rooted to be able to use this hack.

Xiaomi Mi A1 tips

Step 1: Download and install Magisk

Using the link given below, download the Magisk APK file and manually install it to your Xiaomi Mi A1.

Note: You will need Unknown Sources enabled from the Developer options to install the APK file manually.

Step 2: Install the necessary Magisk Modules

The first one you need to download and install is the HVEC (High Efficiency Video Codec) + SloMo GCam module. Although this module is designed for the OnePlus devices, it has been reported to work fine with the Xiaomi Mi A1 by the users who have tested it.

The second module that you need to install is designed to help fix video recording under bad lighting conditions.

Step 3: Smooth out the slow-motion recording

Once these Magisk modules are installed, reboot your Mi A1 and test out the slow-motion feature of the Google Camera. Although the Camera app will no longer crash, users have reported video lagging when recording at 120FPS. Here’s what you have to do to fix this:

  1. Launch the Google Camera app.
  2. Use the menu icon to access the slow-motion mode.
  3. Press the home button to minimize the app.
  4. Start the stock Camera app.
  5. Press the Video icon and then press the Home button to minimize the app.
  6. Head back to the Google Camera app.

The video recording feature on the Google Camera app should now be smoothened out for better videos. You will also be able to use the camera flash when recording videos in slow motion.

Did this tutorial finally help you to get slow-motion video recording on your Xiaomi Mi A1? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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