Xiaomi A1, an Android One phone based on Mi 5X specs currently under works

Android One, as you all know, is Google’s way of bringing the stock Android operating system to budget phones with guaranteed and speedy software updates for a certain period.

The project was initially aimed at developing countries but Android One labeled phones have slowly made it to the developed countries as well.

The main idea behind launching Android One phones, however, hasn’t changed with time.

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As always, Google takes care of the designing, developing, marketing, and supporting (both in terms of hardware and software) part while a local or international smartphone maker selected by Google takes care of the manufacturing process.

And guess what, Google has narrowed it down to Xiaomi to handle the manufacturing part for the upcoming Android One phones. Apparently, the Chinese manufacturer will be producing the next Android One phone.

Also, the upcoming smartphone’s specs will be based on the recently launched Xiaomi Mi 5X, according to the latest reports. Furthermore, the report also indicates that the upcoming smartphone, which BTW will be called Xiaomi A1 will retain most of the Mi 5X specs.

It will feature the same 5.5-inch Full HD display, dual rear cameras, and dual SIM slots. As for the design, there’s currently no information available.

We will update you with more information as and when we learn more. Until then, keep a tab on this space.

Source: Krispitech

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