GooDroid — World of Goo Game Coming Soon to Android phone and Tablets


The World of Goo is one of the most amazing casual games available for the PC and Wii gamers. In World of Goo, the main objective is to transport various goos across the map to lead them to a pipe.

The starting levels maybe quite annoying, but if you play for like 5-10mins you can even become a pro -warning: playing this game will result in serious addiction to it play at your own risk.

So what does it have to do with Android, to put it simple, the developers –2D Boy have announced that they will be launching the game soon on market and it will be compatible with both android phones and tablets — and the title will be GooDroid. Funny, right?

It’s already available on iOS app store for $4.99 but we think it would launch full game for Free on android market and will have ads. And probably, another paid version for those who hate ads.

The pricing and release date is not yet announced but the game is expected to be out soon. We’ll surely let you know as and when it hits the android market. Keep watching this space.