Wordle for Kids: 8 Best Wordle-Like Games for the Little Wonders!

The Wordle word game has become a staple in the world of grown-ups, something synonymous with a habit that you unconsciously develop. As evidenced, the original Wordle is all about enjoying a puzzle without over-indulging, like a passive mental exercise to jog awake your vocabulary everyday. Is there a Wordle for kids out to help them learn and play at once? 

The answer is “YES, Of course!” In this article, we have assembled a few suggestions for Wordle variants that your kids can enjoy within the level of their knowledge. 

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8 Wordle-like Games for Kids

Below are variants and spin-offs of Wordle that are either bespoken for kids’ entertainment or those that imbue enriching educational characteristics that can be used as a lighthearted way to enlighten young minds.

1. ESL Wordle

Nothing fits like a set of clothes bespoke for you. Similarly, no variant can match a Wordle game that is specially created to pique and tickle the interest of your little ones. ESL Wordle is a 5-letter word guessing challenge that presents 8 categories for players to choose from. 

The original rules of the Wordle game ( 6 guesses) and colored-hints are also well preserved in ESL Wordle only with the twist that the word list is especially filtered to meet the vocabulary level of students on or above level A2.

2. Spellie

“Spellie” is an exciting version of Wordle you can recommend to your grade-schooler. Created by a Vancouver-based dad with a curated wordlist that considers the extent of his 5-year-old daughter’s vocabulary, the free online word game is in-built with 3 varying difficulty modes for the apprehensive little word-gamers just starting out in the field to relatively senior grade-schoolers with a slightly broader vocabulary.

The Easy mode is developed with a second-grader as the target player who is up to take on a mystery 4-letter word in 6 attempts. The challenge level is upped a little in the 6×5 grid of Medium difficulty mode. While the Hard mode also has a 5-letter mystery word as the daily challenge, the wordlist for the mode encompasses most words that a fifth-grader can comprehend.

Did we mention that each move in the game holds the potential to unlock an emoji in it? A great reward-based model if your little one needs a little incentive to keep playing!

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3. WordleGame

You might have already come across this Wordle variant at some point while looking for immersive challenges. This wordle variant is made, truly, for a global community. Of the 19 Dictionaries you can select to play from, 3 are dedicated to English variants and one of them thankfully is the Dictionary for “Kids”.

The premise of the challenge itself is not any different, your little one will be challenged to solve a 5-letter word in 6 attempts, but the solution wordlist is significantly condensed to accommodate the comprehensive level of younger minds.

Not only does the game allow for both daily challenges or unlimited games, there are also options to customize the character length of the challenge word. 

4. Wordle Play

This is wordle kiddie-version for little ones from almost anywhere around the world. With 18 different in-built dictionaries, Wordle Kids stands proud as a near self-sufficient Wordle variant to entertain the word game interest for a vibrant community of young players from around the world.

Wordle Kids also comes with the settings to enable more difficult modes in the form of Hard or Ultra Hard modes. The devs have gone all out to even add the option to set the length of the challenge word anywhere between 4 and 11.

While the default is set to unlimited Wordle games, the game can also be set to a daily game mode so that your little one can challenge their friends or classmates to a daily challenge all in the spirit of gaming and learning!

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5. Foodle

The names of food items are among some of the first things you learn when you step into your world of speech and understanding. In that regard, Foodle could be the perfect platform for your little one to test their knowledge of 5-letter food items. 

While there are chances that mystery word could be a Grade-schooler might not think right off their head (or even know of), it is still a safe and toxic-free platform that you can assuredly leave your child to have a fun time every day.

6. Harry Potter Wordle

As an impressionable franchise that is still thriving through its enduring success, the Harry Potter universe is an obsession for both adults and young ones. With such a huge and undying fandom holding it up, it is only natural that Harry Potter has its own Wordle variants like Hogwartle or Wizarding Wordle.

With five-letter words sourced from the original world of Harry Potter, it is a fun daily challenge that you can keep within your family and you engage in a mental spar with your kid to see who can piece the colored hints together to solve the challenge first.

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7. Worldle

Visual impressions help you pick up new knowledge faster and retain the knowledge. Then, would it not be a good idea to put the principle to good use and help your little one learn geography through a very visual and interactive game?

If you agree with the thought, then you might just like the Wordle variant — Worldle. Worldle has in it compressed the entire atlas of the world and reveals in pieces as everyday “Guess the mystery country” challenge.

If your child is too young, Worldle can be a medium to enjoy some enriching bonding time. But, if your ward is old enough to understand geography, then this could act as an intriguing source of information about all the countries in the world. 

No, it is not like your typical world guessing Wordle game but the basic premises of chasing after a mystery country within limited chances to figure it out should still be considered as an ode to the original Worldle.

8. Flaggle

Talking about learning experiences, do you take recognizing national Flags as a cool knowledge to possess? If you nod in assent, then here’s your chance to let your kid possess the knowledge without any fuss or stress. 

Flaggle is a daily guessing game loosely modeled on Wordle that challenges players with the flag of any country randomly chosen every day that is to be demystified in 6 attempts.

While the odds are against your little one knowing the correct answer evefytime, the interest of playing the game is learning the right answer at the end of the game. Winning or losing the challenge doesn’t matter as you emerge with an additional piece of knowledge after each challenge.

It is in their best interest if you ease budding kids into the spirit of words, vocabulary, and knowledge through games than being coerced to learn by rot. Do you think any of the games above could keep your kid engrossed enough to keep anticipating the next day’s challenge? Let us know in the comments!