Windows 11: How To Change Weather Scales to Celsius From Fahrenheit and Vice Versa

We know Microsoft has been planning its ‘Sun Valley’ design for quite some time now. Recent leaks have all but confirmed it as the next major update, but one that will take the traditional moniker of Windows 11

Though not the biggest overhaul we’ve seen from Microsoft, Windows 11 is looking much more polished and refined than Win 10. There are a bunch of tweaks and refinements, much of which are borrowed straight from Windows’ 10X project. 

Widgets, however, are back. A new widgets icon will be available on the taskbar, giving quick access to your widgets. Here, we take a look at the weather widget, specifically how to change the weather from Celsius to Fahrenheit (and vice versa).

How to change weather scales to Celsius on Windows 11

It’s not uncommon for Microsoft to default to the Fahrenheit weather scale on Windows. But this scale, though widely used in countries around the globe, is not universal. Fortunately, there’s always a way to change it to Celsius with a few easy steps. Here they are:

Click on the new widgets button in the taskbar.

This will slide out your widgets, including the weather widget. Here, you will see the weather displayed in Fahrenheit (which is Microsoft’s default). To change to Celsius, simply click on the ellipsis at the top right corner of the widget.

Then click on Edit location.

Here, under “Units”, select Celsius and then click on Save.

Your weather scale will be updated to reflect the changes.

If you’re traveling to a country that uses the Fahrenheit scale, you can follow the same steps and change it back to Fahrenheit later.

Although leaked internal builds of Windows 11 are already in circulation, you can expect the next generation of Windows to be officially unveiled on June 24th. 


  1. Farenheit is ‘widely used? Name a country outside of the US that uses it!

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