8 reasons to buy the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung’s Note series has always been a top smartphone and this time, the Galaxy Note 9 has gotten even better thanks to a new powered S Pen, a fast processor, and a ton of storage space and battery capacity. If you are thinking about getting the Note 9 and you are still not sure about what the phablet brings to the table, here are 8 reasons we think make the Note 9 a worthy buy.

There’s a 4000mAh battery

It’s not the first time we are seeing a 4000mAh battery in a smartphone, but it’s the first on a Samsung smartphone. The Galaxy Note series has always been a “big” device and with the introduction of a massive 4000mAh battery unit, the Note 9 finally gets a big battery to match its big size.

According to Samsung, the Note 9 battery will last all day and then some, which basically means you can easily get two or so days on a single charge when used moderately. If the time it takes to juice it up is a concern for you, the device supports fast charging technology via a USB-C port to ensure that a few minutes of charging can deliver hours of battery life.

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A powered S Pen

One of the biggest upgrades on the Galaxy Note 9 is the S Pen. Unlike previous versions, the new stylus is powered by magic from supercapacitors to keep it alive and also supports wireless charging and Bluetooth connectivity.

It is the latter feature that makes all the difference by allowing users of the Note 9 S Pen to execute various functions like remotely taking photos, using it as a remote to do presentations on Samsung’s DeX, and even for music controls, among other stuff.

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Massive storage

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a base storage of 128GB, which can still be expanded using a microSD card of up to 512GB. Even better is that spending an extra $250 on top of the base model’s asking price of $1000 will earn you a massive 512GB of internal storage, which can further be expanded using an SD card. With this, you can easily end up with a total of 1TB storage in your pocket, which is what a media consumption device like the Note 9 really needs.

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The best display screen

We know that Samsung is virtually unbeatable when it comes to the display screen business and this trend continues with the Galaxy Note 9. In addition to keeping up with the quality by sticking to things like Infinity Display and QHD+ resolution, the Note 9’s 6.4-inch display screen also happens to be the biggest on any Sammy device.

For gamers and heavy media consumers, the Note 9 is more than a perfect device for you as it promises an immersive experience.

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Early access to Fortnite game

There are a good number of Sammy devices that will be getting early access to Fortnite once it becomes official, but the Galaxy Note 9 stands out as the best option available. The fact that it’s the launch device for the game also means that Samsung has optimized the game for optimal performance on the Note 9. The big battery and water-carbon cooling system also makes the Note 9 the perfect device for playing this game.

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Multiple security options

Over the years, the Galaxy Note series has positioned itself as an enterprise-focused smartphone and with the Note 9, you have multiple security options to ensure that whatever sensitive business information you have on the device remains as secure as possible. You can set up the phone to unlock via iris scanning, facial recognition, fingerprint, PIN, password, pattern or even Google Smart Lock.

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Samsung DeX

Galaxy Note 9 Samsung Dex

In today’s age, we use smartphones for everything and with the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has stepped up the DeX technology by eliminating the need for a DeX dock in order to connect to a monitor, instead, a USB-C cable that connects to an external HDMI display does all the tricks.

Top of the line specs

As you’d expect from a Galaxy Note device, the Note 9 has top of the line specs and features. Yes, it shares some hardware specs with the Galaxy S9 such as the processor and camera, but you won’t come across any other Samsung smartphone with a massive 8 gigs of RAM and the aforementioned 512GB of internal storage.

The Note 9 also borrows some specs from the Galaxy S9+, among them the dual-lens camera with variable aperture, microSD card support, a 3.5mm audio jack, dual-SIM connectivity and to ice the cake, there’s Bixby 2.0.


With the Galaxy Note 9, it’s quite clear that Samsung continues to push smartphone technology forward, but given the device’s hefty price tag, some may be put off. For those who won’t mind getting one, you’ll for sure enjoy your stay with the Note 9.

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