How to book a Galaxy Note 9 early

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the next big thing from the Korean company and even though the phone will be unveiled next Thursday, getting hold of one will have to wait until August 24, but there’s a catch.

Not everyone will be able to get the Galaxy Note 9 on the said August 24th date, but there’s something you can do to better your chances of being among the first to rock the new guy in town. To make this happen, Samsung has opened up reservations for the Note 9 so that you can be guaranteed to get a unit when the time comes.

To submit your interest in the Galaxy Note 9, head over to this website or download this Google Play Store app and submit your details that include name, email and carrier model of choice. When the time comes, those who will have submitted their reservations will be among the first to get access to the Note 9’s pre-orders, which guarantees the phone arrives on August 24th.

To get to know more about the Galaxy Note 9, check out this page.

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