What you think could be the maximum phone bill? It’s $15 quadrillion for one woman!

There are big phone bills, huge phone bills and insane phone bills. And a lot us have possibly faced one of those, at least once every few years. But check this out; Solenne San Jose, a woman from the Bordeaux region of France, received an utterly insane one, which gave her the shock of her life.

After an early termination of her contract with the phone company Bouygues Telecom, San Jose was told that she would have to pay a cancellation fee and that the exact amount would be sent in a final bill to her residence. The bill she received was for a mind-blowing €11,721,000,000,000,000, which works out to around $15 quadrillion!!!! That amount works out to more than 200 times the GDP of France, and would be enough to wipe out the EU debt crisis multiple times over!! Hell, it would probably make the entire world debt-free!

As you may have guessed by now, this unbelievable amount was generated due to an error by the carrier, and after some frantic phone calls by San Jose, the company finally conceded that that the bill should actually add up to €117.21. The carrier also gave a statement that the mix-up resulted due to a printing error.

Phewww!!! If you have set up an auto-debit with your bank or on your credit card for your phone bill payments, you better think twice.