What Is tiktokroom on Instagram?


Just because TikTok has gotten flak lately, doesn’t mean that the app doesn’t live on. In fact now more than ever, the drama that surrounds TikTok creators seems to have doubled! Luckily there is a one-stop source to keep you updated on the latest happenings on TikTok. Enter @TikTokRoom.

What is TikTokRoom?

TikTokRoom is an account on Instagram that has amassed over 1.2 million followers. The account focuses on delivering the latest news in the world of TikTok.  If you don’t know about the different houses, you probably want to go read up on that first.

A lot of drama exists in this influencer houses like Sway House and Hype House. Since this stuff usually happens quite quickly, TikTokRoom is a place people come to, to catch up on what has happened. TikTokRoom spills the latest tea (gossip) with regard to different couples on TikTok, fights, and basically anything interesting.

Like other entertainment channels, the account keeps its followers entertained with TikTok videos and screenshots from twitter conversations. The account has over nine thousand posts all related to TikTokstars. Unsurprisingly, their posts get hundreds of thousands of views and likes. The TikTokRoom account is incredibly active, with posts popping up every few hours to keep their followers interested.

TikTokRoom on Instagram

Who created TikTokRoom

TikTokRoom was created by two teenagers; Nat and Elasia. They met on an Instagram post and shared their love for gossip and blogging. The friends used their Instagram following to build the shade room account on Instagram. Originally the account was created to track gossip on Musical.ly which eventually became TikTok.

The creators claim that they do not indulge in fake news and try to keep all their posts legit. Nat and Elasia, who are 17 and 19 years old respectively, balance their school (and college) work, while also both having part-time jobs.

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What other social media profiles do they have

Following the whopping success of their Instagram account, the duo have recently taken their talents to YouTube. While the account was created in 2016, only recently have they started posting videos. Their YouTube page is still far behind their Instagram following, with only just over 30 thousand subscribers.

In their YouTube videos, the girls try to break down the complexities of teenage drama. So they only post videos for rather confusing topics (like Kairi and Celia’s drama). They also have a Twitter account which they mainly use to drive traffic to their Instagram account. They also hold polls for people and couples from the TikTok hall of fame (the place doesn’t exist) on their Twitter account.

So if it’s TikTok star gossip that you are looking for, you should definitely follow TikTokRoom on Instagram. But don’t be surprised if they spam your Feed!