What Does the Timer on Houseparty Mean?

Houseparty has become a foreign word for most of us in 2020. Indeed many of us miss a real house party with the socializing elements that contribute heavily to its feel-good factor and it is sad that those socializing elements are now potentially life-threatening and lethal until the foreseeable future, but we must learn to adapt and rally on.

Of course, in this day, age, and especially circumstances, there seems to be an app that wants to swoop in to offer a virtual version of its real-life counterpart and the Houseparty app is no exception.

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What is the Houseparty app?

Houseparty calls itself a face-to-face Social Network which basically translates into a casual interactive video-calling app with cool additional features. Eight people can join Houseparty in one call and friends of friends can also join the app should they choose. The app is actually very thoughtful in its attempt to recreate the Houseparty concept by even introducing party games like UNO, Heads-Up, and Pictionary.

During Coronavirus, the demand for Houseparty has simply soared with people looking for a medium of communication that would keep them connected and one that wasn’t work-related the way Zoom and Meet have become. It is one of the most downloaded apps in the world as people are downloading it from the Play Store and iOS store.

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So what is the timer on the Houseparty app?

Some users are seeing a clock icon in their Houseparty notification panel as well as under certain profiles. A Reddit thread has mentioned that the icon appears next to people whom the user has been interacting with for longer than 120 minutes.

We suspect that Houseparty wants to allow you the option of keeping time with these people since it has identified them as your preferred set of friends/company, basically like a timer. So don’t worry if you’re seeing the clock icon on your app, it’s happening and speculations regarding its nature don’t point to anything shady or suspicious.

Well, unfortunately, that’s all we know for sure about the enigmatic clock icon that has made an appearance out of the blue. But we will keep you updated regarding any official details or information that Houseparty will share online.

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On a parting note, we would like to recommend that even if you’re not the most social person, do try to remain social and keep in touch with your friends even if you do so infrequently. These times can corner us into loneliness and apps like Houseparty are a reminder to get our dose of socializing to keep out mental health stable and get those good endorphins flowing. Do take care and stay safe!


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