What Does ‘Notify Anyway’ Mean in iOS 15?

iOS 15 was recently released and people seem to be discovering new and hidden features every day. The new iteration comes along with numerous changes and a revamped take on DND called Focus. It allows you to create different customized modes based on your routine which helps you manage your apps and notifications during those specific hours.

Your current Focus mode can also be shared with others through compatible apps but what does this exactly do? Let’s find out!

What is ‘Notify Anyway’?

Have you recently tried to get in touch with a friend through iMessage and ended up getting a message stating that notifications are silenced for your friend? Then this is normal behavior and you will have spotted an option below that says ‘Notify Anyway’.

When an active Focus mode disables or delays notifications for a compatible app then status for the same is shared with the app. This lets the app know that your notifications are silenced and it notifies your friends about the same. The option you see for ‘Notify Anyway’ will help you bypass an active Focus mode to deliver urgent notifications.

What does ‘Notify Anyway’ do?

This is an SOS option of sorts introduced by Apple that lets you bypass an active Focus mode on your contact’s device and deliver important messages. This option can be used in emergency cases where you really need to get a hold of someone. Compatible apps can then deliver your important notifications and notify the concerned user about the same. 

When should you use it?

You should use this option only in emergencies. Focus modes are essentially DND modes with various routines and automation which means that the concerned contact does not wish to be disturbed. They could be busy, in an important meeting, or involved with a personal event. Hence you should use ‘Notify Anyway’ sporadically and only when absolutely necessary. 

Will your Focus name be shared?

No, your Focus name will not be shared with anyone, be it the concerned app or the contact. Your contacts and app will only be notified that you have your notifications disabled. They won’t be able to tell which Focus mode is currently active on your device or what is it named. Apple has an exclusive message about the same which can be found under the ‘Share Focus Status’ toggle. 

We hope you were able to get familiar with ‘Notify Anyway’ in iOS 15. If you have any more questions feel free to drop them in the comments section below. 


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  1. Vítor Hugo Menino

    I clicked the notify anyway button so that the person was notified. However, now I can’t “undo it”, I.e., the person is notified all the time!! How can I disable this?

    1. Did you figure it out?

      1. I’m having the same issue as Vitar, SOS

  2. If “notify anyway” doesn’t show underneath “[name] has notifications silenced”, what does that mean?

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