What are Fortnite Mystery Rewards and How to Get Them All

Fortnite makes a return with Chapter 2 Season 5, full of sumptuous rewards, badass skins, adorable back blings, never-seen-before weapons, and a whole lot more. Although some Fortnite veterans may be able to spot a trend in the rewards that are up for grabs, Fortnite is not without its own mysteries.

Every new season is a mystery in itself and as the days go by, players are slowly uncovering what’s on offer. But among such things is the Mystery Rewards that have piqued the curiosity of even the most stoic players.

These unknowns have been the talk of the week, and it appears it may stay that way for a few more weeks to come. But how do they fit in the broader frame of things, and how could one potentially find out what’s behind these giant neon question marks? Let’s find out.

What are Fortnite Season 5 Mystery Rewards?

Mystery Rewards – It’s all in the name. These are rewards that are currently unknown, like a Christmas present. But unlike a Christmas present, you gotta earn them.

To find them, go to the Battle Pass section and scroll to the last tab. You’ll find a whole page’s worth of these cosmetics which you’ll be able to unlock… in time.

Since they are all, basically, style challenges (mentioned to the left of the blue floating question marks), what you will receive will change the way your character looks and behaves. These will include skins, emotes, back bling, harvesting tools, and a whole lot more. A whole list is at the end of the guide.


Before you can even get to the page where these mystery rewards are listed, you’ll have to get the Season 5 Battle Pass. That is a must if you’re going to eventually unlock these rewards. The Battle Pass is also necessary for a lot of other quests and rewards, so we recommend you get that anyway.

Once you get the Battle Pass, it doesn’t look like you can get these rewards just by throwing money at them. You’ll have to play the game and grind it out, as far as we know.

List of all Mystery Rewards

In the Mystery Rewards tab inside the Battle Pass menu, you’ll find a total of 9 of these mysterious rewards. They are not completely mysterious though. Fortnite has revealed some details such as the reward type and how common/uncommon it is for players to chomp on. Let’s take a look at all of them as they appear in the Battle Pass tab.

  • Banner – Uncommon
  • Emoticon – Uncommon
  • Spray – Uncommon
  • Emote – Uncommon
  • Outfit – Legendary
  • Wrap – Rare
  • Back Bling – Legendary
  • Built-in Emote – Legendary
  • Harvesting Tool – Epic

Though all of them ought to make you equally curious, most players have been wondering what those legendary rewards might be. It is clear at first glance that the Outfit, the Back Bling, and the Buil-in Emote go together. Rumors and speculations making the rounds seem to suggest that the outfit could be Galactus or Agent Jonesy. But that could be completely off as well. Only time will tell.

How to Get the Mystery Rewards

Fortnite has kept its lips sealed on how one could unlock these mystery rewards. But from how things have been turning out this season, especially with the challenges and the quests, it is possible that these Mystery Rewards are also a part of the weekly challenges, as they fall in line with the rewards unlocked by other weekly challenges.

So, how can you get these? Do every single weekly challenge that comes out, and that means having some patience since you can’t speed up time. Epic Games has changed where you see challenges in this season which are now found in the New Quests tab in the main menu. There you can look at all the quests/challenges that you have to do.

So if you complete every week 1 quest, you can get the Mysterious Banner. Then do every week 2 quest to get the Emoticon, and so on.

Since the first week hasn’t come to an end, there’s a possibility that Fortnite might post its own challenges for you to do to be able to unlock these mysterious rewards. Until that happens, earning them through weekly challenges seems the only plausible way. But we’ll find out soon enough. So stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

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