We now have Moto G7 price tags for all four variants

Moto G7 leak

Now that we have pricing info for all four Moto G7 variants, the only thing remaining is for Motorola to unveil the phones.

We know the launch event will be taking place next week in Brazil and we even have the full details of the specs as well as photos of the four phones. A while back, pricing info of the Moto G7 Play and G7 Power leaked, but there was no word on pricing info for the superior Moto G7 and G7 Plus.

This is no more thanks to the same leaker who gave out info on the expected prices of the two entry-level models, Ishan Agarwal. Apparently, those in Europe will pay €300 for the standard Moto G7 while the high-end Moto G7 Plus will cost €360. We don’t expect a direct conversion when the phones cross over to the U.S., so basically we could see them arrive priced at about $300 and $360 for the G7 and G7 Plus, respectively.

Undoubtedly, these price tags are quite hefty for either phone, unless the leak is wrong. But going by the assurance given by the tipster, it appears that this will be the final pricing of the duo.

Considering the specs the G7 and G7 Plus are expected to ship with, it seems we are looking at yet another pair of DOA smartphones from Motorola. Honestly, who’s gonna buy any of these two, especially in Europe and Asia where the likes of Xiaomi, Huawei Honor, and Asus have some amazing phones like the Mi A2, Honor 8X and ZenFone Max Pro M2 that are even more powerful and cost much less, some nearly half the price of the Moto phones?

By the look of things, the Moto G7 Play and G7 Power will offer much better value for money than their premium counterparts. Where the former will reportedly cost €149, the latter with its mammoth 5000mAh battery will cost €209.

As for the rest of what these four phones bring to the table, check out their respective pages via the links below.


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