Watch LG Optimus G in offiical video showing off its cool new features

The much hyped and advertised LG Optimus G is finally set to make an appearance in South Korea next week (with the international release to happen in October), and now finally LG has released a video that gives us a rundown of all the cool features of the Snapdragon S4 Pro-powered smartphone.

Just like Samsung added a host of software features on the Galaxy S3, LG has done the same with the Optimus G but with features that are even cooler, like being able to zoom in videos using pinch-to-zoom, transparency multitasking that allows you to make an app transparent and use another on top of it, being able to take notes from anywhere, and last but not the least, playing a video on a TV while doing other stuff on the phone. The quad-core Snapdragon chipset is the fastest there is on mobile devices currently, and LG has put it to use greatly, with no hiccups at all during use.

But don’t take my word for it, watch the Optimus G in action yourself in the video below.


    1. Yeah, Sony has managed to pack in awesome hardware and cool new software additions too, like Samsung did with legendary Galaxy S2 which made a company a global player (what a device, still doing good!)… we really hope LG gets bigger share of smartphone industry since they can do a lot with Android.

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