Video for Android Wear & YouTube app lets you watch videos on your smartwatch

Video for Android Wear & YouTube

The wearable devices were not meant for the purpose of letting users enjoy watching videos on their wrist. Moreover, it is not too enjoyable to do so. But, the new Video for Android Wear & YouTube app seems to be aimed at changing this situation.

The Video for Android Wear & YouTube app lets smartwatch owners to view YouTube videos on their small screen wearable devices. Once the app is opened, you can do a simple voice search to look for a video. You will be presented with a huge list of results that can be scrolled through.

From the results, you can select the desired one and you are done. The video will start playing on your smartwatch’s small display and there will be options such as pause, seek, resume and volume control as well.

The audio is a vital part of a good video. However, there are no speakers on the smartwatches making one curious to know how this app will work. You can use Bluetooth speakers or headphones to enjoy the audio of the clip. These accessories should be connected to the smartwatch and not to your smartphone.

The Video for Android Wear & YouTube app provides complete support to Chromecast. Eventually, it is very simple to watch the YouTube videos on the large screens as well.

If you are interested in the Video for Android & YouTube app, you can get it downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is a free application with in-app purchases. Also, it is claimed that this app is compatible with all the Android Wear based devices. Let the app take its time as it might require sometime for the Android Wear part of the apps to work than usual.

Video player for Android Wear smartwatches, powered by YouTube
Via: Android Authority