Verizon and U.S. unlocked Galaxy Note 9 now receiving Android 9 Pie update

Of all the four major U.S. carriers, only Verizon Wireless had yet to update Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to the latest and greatest from Google, Android 9 Pie.

AT&T came in first with the update on the last day of January followed by Sprint and T-Mobile later joined the party with a Note 9 update of its own. The wait for the update to arrive on Verizon has been quite long, especially considering the carrier was ahead of the race with respect to Galaxy S9 Pie update.

But this ends today, with the carrier having just updated its official software support page confirming that Android 9 Pie is ready to download. The update is available as version N960USQU1CSB3 and includes the new One UI alongside February 2019 security patches.

Also on the receiving end of One UI is the U.S. unlocked Galaxy Note 9. The device’s beta testing program ended yesterday and as we anticipated, the rollout is now ongoing. Reports coming from Redditors who already have it confirm the software version as N960U1UEU1CSB3 and like Verizon’s, you also get February 2019 security patches.

U.S. unlocked Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie released

These updates are staggered, which means some Note 9 users will get the OTA download notification ahead of others. This explains why we already have the screenshot above yet your Note 9 hasn’t received the go-ahead to download the Pie update just yet.


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