AT&T Galaxy Note 9 picks up Android 9 Pie update in the U.S.

At a time when we expect AT&T to begin rolling out Android 9 Pie update to the Galaxy S9 and S9+ like everyone else is, the carrier is, instead, updating the more premium Galaxy Note 9 first.

This makes AT&T the first U.S. carrier to bring Pie to the Note 9 and considering it weighs in at a cool 1.8GB, you’ll need a stable Wi-Fi connection to get things done. The update has software version N960USQU1CSAA.

With this file size, it’ll definitely take some time to download the update. But at the end of it all, your AT&T Note 9 will get the new One UI interface that brings a new dark mode, easy one-handed operation, revamped system interface, and more.

AT&T Galaxy Note 9 Pie update

We still expect AT&T to update the S9 and S9+ to Pie pretty soon. And now that the carrier has a ready Pie build for the Note 9, it also means that other carriers are not far behind.

Note that this is an OTA update and usually, such updates may take time before all units get the download notification, so don’t freak out in case your friends have received the OS and your Note 9 is still on Oreo.

After the Note 9 and S9, up next will be the Galaxy Note 8, S8, and S8+, which should begin seeing the Pie update later this month for the unlocked model and in March 2019 for the carrier-locked variants.


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