Update AT&T One X to v1.82502.3 with RUU Update Firmware Installer

The LTE-enabled AT&T One X in the US and Canada had reports of a Wi-Fi issue, with people encountering constant disconnections and slow speeds. HTC was said to be working on an update to fix those issues, and if you are one of those having the Wi-Fi issue on your One X, you don’t need to wait for the update to officially roll out.

The guys at BriefMobile have gotten hold of the update and have uploaded it for everyone to use. One needs only to download the RUU update file, run it on their computer and follow onscreen instructions to update their One X.

Keep in mind that manually updating your phone can be dangerous, so if want to play it safe, it’s best to wait for the update to get released officially. For those that want to manually update right now can head over to the BriefMobile website to download it and give it a go.  Let us know whether you notice any differences apart from the Wi-Fi fix, in the comments below.