Update AT&T One X to 1.85. [RUU]

A new update for the AT&T One X has been leaked online by the good guys at Brief Mobile, who were also responsible for leaking the previous update which fixed a critical Wi-Fi issue. This new update will bring your AT&T One X up to the software number 1.85.502.3 and contains a few bug fixes.

Updating is quite simple. Just download the update’s RUU file from the Brief Mobile website (it will be a .exe file), enable USB debugging on your phone from Settings » Development options, connect your phone to the computer, then run the downloaded .exe file and follow on-screen instructions to complete the update. However, it seems the update breaks the known root methods for the AT&T One X, so if you need root access, it’s best to wait for a new root method to show up before updating.

The bugs that the update fixes are unknown for now, so let us know if you notice any changes or fixes in the update, in the comments below.