Can you unsend a Snap on Snapchat in 2020? All you need to know

Can you unsend a Snap on Snapchat in 2020

Have you suddenly got your heart racing because you sent a snap a very wrong snap to a wrong person on Snapchat? Hey, it happens! You are sure to have wondered at some point in your Snapchatting years, whether you can unsend a snap after you have sent it. Well, we are here to set the record straight.

Can you unsend a Snap once it is sent?

Well, we have to be honest straight away, because there is no sugarcoating this. No, you cannot unsend a snap on Snapchat.

As of now, there is no way to unsend a snap once you have sent it to a user. Unless by some miracle, your snap did not go through immediately (in which case it will go through once you get network), once a snap leaves your phone, it is out of your hands.

And you don’t need to try any super weird methods to confirm this, because we have done all the homework for you.

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You really can’t unsend a snap…

You must have definitely searched the Internet in the hopes of finding a solution. Well, we did too. We also tried all the so-called “hacks” mentioned on different sites, and some of our own too.

Here is a list of everything we tried, so that you don’t have to.

Unfriend the user doesn’t work

We tried unfriending the user as soon as we sent the snap. However, the snap still appeared on the other person’s account, and they were able to view it just fine. Naturally, they could not reply back, since they were unfriended.

Block the user doesn’t work either

This one probably worked at some point, because a number of people swear by this method. However, since then, Snapchat seems to have fixed this glitch. We blocked the user once we sent the snap, but they still received it and were able to view it. Once they viewed it though, they could not reply back, until we unblocked them again.

No, turning off data doesn’t work either

Yes, we have all heard, that if you turn off your data immediately, or put your device on Airplane mode, it will stop a message from going through. However, Snapchat uses a cloud-based system to share your snaps; so as soon as you send it, even if you put your device on airplane mode, the snap will remain on their server, and eventually go through.

Even deactivating your account is no good!

This is another method that seems to have worked in the past. It was used as a last resort, to prevent the other user from viewing your sent snap. However, this too has been fixed. We tried deactivating our account once we sent the snap, but the user still received the snap and was able to view it.

And, the last one!

Log out, clear cache and clear data? Nah, it doesn’t work!

First off, why? But we tried it anyway. Of course, it did not work because your snap doesn’t stay on your phone. As soon as you send it, it is uploaded to Snapchat’s cloud.

Clear app cache Android 10

How to delete sent messages on Snapchat?

There is some good news on this front. Snapchat now allows users to delete sent messages even if they have not yet been opened! Only the person who has sent the message can delete them. To learn more about how to delete sent messages, check out our article below.

How to delete a message on Snapchat

So that is where we currently stand in regards to unsending snaps. Once a snap is sent there is currently no way to unsend it. We hope this article has helped. Let us know if you have any queries, in the comments below.