U.S. Cellular releases Galaxy Note 8 Android Pie One UI update

US Cellular Note 8 Pie update

Multiple carriers have been rolling out Android 9 Pie updates with One UI to the Galaxy Note 8 in North America, but U.S. Cellular has been missing from the news.

This is no longer the case as the carrier has started dishing out the new One UI update to the Note 8, the second and last major OS upgrade for the device.

Users of this Note 8 variant on Reddit can confirm that the rollout has started, with the OS arriving over the air carrying software version N950USQU5DSC1 and like other carriers, March 2019 security patches are included.

Since its s major OS upgrade, the file size weighs in at 1.7GB, so be sure to get a stable Wi-Fi connection. Also, OTA updates take time before all units get the download notification, so be patient.

Other U.S. carriers rolled out Pie updates to both the Note 8 and S8 duo, but we still don’t know if U.S. Cellular is also rolling out the update to the S8, but we believe it should be the case. The U.S. unlocked variant has also received Pie.

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