Things We Expect (And Hope) to See at Google I/O 2024

What to know

  • Google I/O 2024 will start on 14th May at 10 AM Pacific Time, streaming on Google’s YouTube channel and the official Google I/O 2024 website.
  • Expect this year’s I/O to focus on deeper AI integration, Android 15 previews, and an imminent Pixel 8a launch.
  • We also hope Google to have some surprises in store, including a new Android Studio version and a teaser for another Pixel product. 

Google I/O 2024 is just around the corner. The annual developer conference is the one time when we get to hear about all the new updates, hardware rumors, and developer tools straight from the horse’s mouth. Based on rumors and informed speculations, here’s everything we expect to see at Google I/O this year, along with a few things we hope Google surprises us with.  

Things we expect from Google I/O 2024

Last year, Google went all out on AI. This year we expect more of the same, along with a few hardware announcements and previews. 

Pixel 8a Launch

The launch of Pixel 8a is all but confirmed. In fact, it would be a major surprise if we don’t get a Pixel 8a announcement.

Image: ShangoNews

If we go by the leaks, which almost as a rule precede a Google phone release, the latest entry in the A-series will be closer to the standard Pixel 8 model and also a bit expensive. The Pixel 7a was revealed officially in last year’s event, as was the 6a the year before. If the trend continues, we will most likely get a Pixel 8a announcement this year.

It’s also likely that this will be the only hardware launch at Google I/O this year, but we would love to be proven wrong.  

Android 15 Preview

Android 15’s Developer Previews are already out which gives us a hint into what some of the new features could be on the next generation.

Between now and the Google I/O event, there will also be a beta which will let developers test even more features. So perhaps the developer conference will only show us what we already know. Still, we expect Google to give us more of a sneak peek into what these new features will look like in action.  

All about Gemini and AI

Artificial Intelligence is not just a fad anymore, it’s a commitment that companies are making. Last year’s event was dominated by AI and we expect more of the same this year as well. Google started the year with Circle to Search, which is a powerful way to search. Though it’s already available on Pixel 8, and Samsung’s S24 series (lately also released on other Samsung devices via One UI 6.1), it would be great if Google announced efforts to release it to older devices, beyond the Pixel.

Also expect deeper integration of AI-assisted features like Gemini into all of Google’s upcoming features, services, and products. We just hope that they don’t make any blunders this year.  

What we hope to see in Google I/O 2024

Although much of what is revealed at Google I/O gets leaked prior to the event, it’s not unlike Google to have a few surprise announcements that we can only speculate on. Here are a few we hope make the day.  

A Pixel Fold 2 teaser

Though there are very few leaks and rumors surrounding the Pixel Fold 2, they peg it as the thinnest foldable yet. But apart from a few design leaks, there’s very little to go on. There’s basically nothing on whether it’s expected to feature at the Google I/O 2024. Nevertheless, if Google is planning on ending the event with a bang, a teaser of the Pixel Fold 2 would just about do it. 

Arctic Fox: A new version of Android Studio

Android Studio is also receiving a new version called Arctic Fox. It’s quite likely that we may hear about it during Google I/O 2024. Arctic Fox would better support the upcoming version of Android, give developers improved tools for finding and squashing bugs, and allow for faster app building on the whole. 

Pixel Watch 2 or Pixel Tablet

Although the likelihood of getting any hardware announcements beside the Pixel 8a is close to zero, there’s been some talk surrounding both a new tablet and a Pixel watch. It’s only been two years since the Pixel Watch came out but it won’t be a surprise if another one is already in the works. Similarly, a tablet to go with the latest generation of AI-powered Pixel phones would update the Pixel lineup and give users who prefer a larger screen and a few extra features something to chew on. 

When and Where can I watch Google I/O 2024?

Google I/O 2024 is set to start on May 14th at 10AM Pacific Time. Like last year, you’ll be able to watch the event and the on-demand sessions from the Google I/O site as well as Google’s official YouTube channel

Are you excited for the event? We’ll be sure to update you with all the cool news and announcements both prior and post show. So stay tuned! 

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