Latest Telegram update allows you bringing in custom theming

Now you can theme away to your delight with the latest Telegram update. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Telegram is a popular messenger app that runs across various mobile platforms.

The update going by version 3.17 brings in a much awaited custom theming options. You can even build your own themes thanks to theme editor built into the app now, and hey, you even get a dark theme option now. This should be pretty sweet if you own a device sporting an AMOLED display, or a night owl.

Telegram came into existence in 2013 which is much later compared to WhatsApp which pretty much dominated the messenger scene ever since its inception in 2009. With so many messengers apps littering the Play Store, it eventually boils down to personal preference over whether you choose to use Telegram or another app.

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Telegram even seems to borrow a few design aspects from a few apps, but all in all, it is a pretty neat app with useful features like end to end encryption and syncing between PC companion apps.

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  1. Sure, themes are nice, but I think security and privacy protection are more important, which is why I use Threema. A lot of my friends have switched recently, I think Telegram’s golden age is over because people are starting to worry about surveillance.

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