How to View Telegram Stories Anonymously Easily Using the Stealth Mode

The premium tag notwithstanding, Telegram’s Story feature is head and shoulders above what other social media platforms have to offer. With a built-in story editor, multiple expiration options, long-form captions, and a slew of other features, Stories on Telegram provides granular control over how you share updates with your contacts. You can also give others the slip and view their Telegram stories anonymously. Here’s how you can do so.


Telegram’s Story feature is available to users globally, on both iOS and Android. But many Telegram features remain largely exclusive to the Premium subscribers, including Stealth Mode, which is what lets you hide your trail when viewing others’ stories anonymously. So make sure to get yourself Telegram Premium for the same.

How to use the Stealth Mode in Telegram to view stories secretly without others finding out

Once you’ve got yourself Telegram Premium, follow the guides below to view Telegram stories without others finding out.


Tap on someone’s story to view it, open the three-dot menu, select Hide My View, and enable Enable Stealth Mode.


  1. Launch Telegram, tap on a story (or even your own) to view it and tap on the three-dot icon at the top right corner.
  2. Tap on Hide My View and enable Enable Stealth Mode.
  3. All the stories you’ve viewed in the past 5 minutes and the stories you view in the next 25 minutes will be hidden from view.

Note: You won’t appear in the Story View list unless you react or reply to the story. So, make sure not to interact with the story in any way (apart from viewing it) to ensure your anonymity. 

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Let’s take a look at a few commonly asked questions concerning Telegram Stories.

Can I hide Telegram stories?

Yes, you can hide your Telegram stories. At the time of posting, tap on ‘Exclude people’ under ‘Who can view your story’. Alternatively, open your posted Story, tap on the privacy settings icon (next to the three-dot icon), select ‘Exclude people’, and choose whom you want to hide your Telegram stories from.  

Can I view Telegram stories anonymously without premium?

No, you cannot view Telegram stories anonymously without a Premium subscription. Stealth Mode is an exclusively Premium feature. 

How long does Stealth Mode stay active on Telegram?

Stealth Mode stays active for 25 minutes from the moment it was enabled and will hide your views on stories for that duration as well as stories you’ve viewed 5 minutes before it was enabled. 

How to turn off Stealth Mode on Telegram?

Currently. There is no way to turn off Stealth Mode on Telegram. You have to wait for it to run its course and disable automatically after 25 minutes. 

Stealth Mode on Telegram Stories is a handy privacy feature for those times when you want to view stories anonymously. We hope this guide helped you get started with it. Until next time!