Synker beta – The Sync Widget Android App: For syncing all your registered accounts through widgets

If you are anything like you don’t put your android to auto sync your accounts and you manually go through settings to sync your accounts, then perhaps you would like to save your time with Synker Beta – The Sync Widget Android App.

The app let you create multiple widgets on your homescreen with custom settings for each to let you control which accounts get synchronized with what stuff (Contacts, email, pictures etc.) when you click on it. Moreover, to top it all the developer has also given an option to put custom label on each widget.

Scan to download Synker beta - The Sync Widget Android AppThe Synker android app is still in its development phrase right now but it’s worth a try. So go ahead and shoot the android market link or scan the QR code to install Synker android app.

[via Appbrain]
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